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The New Ivors Academy

2020 begins

...with a trip to Leicester with Matt Ridley on the 9th January. This will be the first time playing Matt's music since recording it a few months ago (with a slightly different lineup). 

After this I'm looking forward to getting back with the National Youth Jazz Collective for the first of a new series of workshops at Kings Place. These have been a fixture in my educational work over the last few years and really are some of the most unique, valuable opportunities around for young people interested in small ensemble improvisation!

I'm also preparing for a solo concert at the University of Manchester on the 30th January. I'll be playing some music from Essence as well as giving a first airing to some new ideas. 


I'm excited to be a part of the New Ivors Academy of Music Creators. Like a lot of Jazz Musicians, I write and create widely, both under my own name and in collaboration with others across genres. The Ivors Academy is THE organisation for creators of new music, fighting to support creativity in the face of a constantly-shifting landscape and constant pressure on musicians' livelihoods from the imbalance inherent in the big-tech-led digital economy. Have a look and see all the brilliant Jazz voices that are part of the show! 

I was really happy to part of a cover-in-a-day alongside artists including The Macabees, Newton Faulkner and Fiona Bevan which was part of the (successful) campaign to persuade MEPs to vote for the crucial Article 13 legislation. This could have hugely beneficial effects for the way creators such as ourselves are paid for the use of our music online. A great start for The Academy.

Essence Is Now on Spotify!

Check it out! 

Jason Yarde, Tom Hewson, Orphy Robinson